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  Tom Baker's Chicago Seven Live In Concert

  This is the first CD brought out by Paul Finnerty, Paul had the band recorded the band at the                       Southern Cross club Canberra.

  Nobody in the band new that the concert was recorded and a couple of years later Paul & Tom                    brought out this CD.

   Paul Furniss, Paul Williams, Pat Qua, Don Heap, Lynn Wallis, Roger Janes, Paul Finnerty.




  Tom Baker Chicago Seven & Friends

This CD has David Paquett on a few tunes as well as George Washingmachine, Paul Furniss and David Ridyard plus the regular band.

The last four tracks were recorded at the Wynyard Hotel.

 Riff Raff 002   $25.00 Aust   Postage included.

Tunes:- Weary Blues, Mables Dream, I Ain't Got Nobody, Ory's Creole Trombone, Curse Of A Aching Heart, Georgia Swing, Bugle Boy March, Bogalusa Strut, Black Bottom Stomp, Skylark, Wrought Iron Rag, Careless Love, Wood Choppers Ball.



  Tom Bakers Chicago Seven Live at the Straw'b

Recorded on a Sunday night, the band played regularly at the Strawberry Hills Hotel for 12 years. This is the regular band with no guests, the band fires.

 Riff Raff 003  $25.00 Aust  Postage included.

Tunes:- Mahogany Hall Stomp, Georgia Swing, Blues For Jan, St Phillip St Break Down, If I Had You, Absolutely Positively, O.D. One Step, Panama Rag, Snag It, Clarinet Marmalade, This Heart Of Mine, Mables Dream, Maryland.



The  Yarra Yarra Jazz Band At Festival Hall

This is a historical CD.  All the members in this band other than Maurie Garbutt moved to Sydney in 1976 and later played as the Chicago seven.

The band played the opening of a concert for the Dutch Swing College band. 

Collectors series. Riff Raff 004

 $25.00 Aust  including postage

Tunes:- Panama Rag, Spotted Dog, Take Your Burdens To The Lord, Some Day You'll Be Sorry, Down In Honky Tonk Town, Down Amongst The Sheltering Palms.



 Riff Raff Jazz Band 'Dinner Music For Connoisseurs'

Paul Finnerty's band featuring Pat Powell on vocals, even if it's dinner music it still swings. Nature Boy, Black Orpheus, Misty, Etc.

 Riff Raff 005 

 $25.00 Aust including postage

 Tunes:- Nature Boy, Misty, Fly Me To The Moon, My Foolish Heart, Black Orpheus, A Foggy Day, Moan'n, Night & Day, Blue Monk, Secret Love, Well You Needn't, When I Fall In Love.



 Tom Baker's Chicago Seven 'CARAVAN'

This recording was made in 1991, it has the regular band with Paul Furniss on clarinet as a regular member. This is a studio recording and below is it's sister CD.

 Riff Raff 006

  $25.00 Aust including postage

 Tunes:- There's Some Love'n To Be Done, 1919 March, Get Out & Under The Moon, Caravan, Bluin The Blues, Call Of The Freaks, San Antonio Rose, The Martinique, Tar Paper Stomp.


 Tom Baker's Chicago Seven 'ALL IN YOUR MIND'

 This CD has the original art work on the cover that Roger Janes did when it was released as a cassette tape.

Riff Raff 007

 $ 25.00 Aust including postage

 Tunes:- Do What Ory  Say, Trouble In Mind, Big Boy, It's All In Your Mind, Bouncing Around, Mama Inez, Old Miss, In A Little Gypsy Tea Room, San Antonio Shout.


 Tom Baker's Swing Street Orchestra 'KRAZY KAPERS'

 Tom plays Baritone and Alto saxes on this recording, with a young Ian Date on guitar.  Beautifully recorded.

 Riff Raff 008

 $25.00 Aust including postage

 Tunes:- Krazy Kapers, Tom's Blues, Twenty Four Robbers, Hot Lips, Love Walked In, My Buddy, Sophisticated Lady, Just You Just Me, Cherokee, As Long As I Live, Ride Red Ride.


 Tom Baker Quartet

 Features David Paquett on piano with Tom playing Tenor and Soprano saxes.

 Riff Raff 009

 $25.00 including postage

  Tunes:-  Fantales Fantacy, Exactly Like You, Red Wing, Talk Of The Town, There'll Be Some Changes, At Sundown, Sweet Substitute, Todd's Blues, Honeysuckle Rose, Boogie For Francis.

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 Paul's Riff Raff Jazz Band 'HERE & NOW'

(Recorded in 2005)

 A great recording with the wonderful musicians, Peter Locke, Pat Powell

 and the added horns of Al Davey and Dan Barnett.

 Riff Raff 010

 $25 Aust including postage  Tunes:- St James Infirmary, Anniversary Song, Here & Now,  Bernies Tune, Caravan, Blue Berry Hill, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Your'e So Precious, Watermelon Man, A Night In Tunisia, Work Song, Somebody Else.


 Hotter Than Six  'Live in The USA'

 This is a two CD set recorded in Santa Nella and Sacramento in 1998.

 Tom Baker and myself were guests of the band for the tour.  Some times the music is very frantic but is also exciting.

 Riff Raff 014  $25.00 Aust  including postage

  Tunes:- Mamas Gone Goodbye, Mc Gregor Stomp, Melancholy Blues, Canal St Blues, When It's Sleepy Time, Jersey Lightning, Diga Diga Doo, On Revival Day, Emperor Nortons Hunch, Lady In Bed, Russian Rag, Body & Soul, Side Walk Blues, Swing That Music, Wash Board Blues, Dippermouth Blues, Doctor Jazz, Keyhole Blues, The Eel, Creole Love Call, O.D. One Step, Shine, What A Little Moon Light, Minor Drag, Burgundy St Blues, Panama Rag, Farewell Blues.


 Tom Baker's Chicago Seven 'Live At Penrith 1987

 It was the first Penrith jazz festival, the line up for this band is different due to a couple of members being sick and Paul Furniss being over seas.

Lynn Wallis Dms, David Basten Tba, John Mc Carthy Clt, Gary Walford Pno, Paul Finnerty Bjo, Tom Baker Tpt, Roger Janes Tbn.

Rough but history. Riff Raff 016 $25.00 Aust including postage


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  Pat & Paul 'HOW CAN I BEGIN'  (Recorded in 2006)

 All the tunes on this CD were written by Paul Finnerty and Pat Powell.

 It is an adult contemporary style of music, with violin and cello.

Paul Finnerty guitar, Pat Powell vocals, Peter Locke piano, Stan Valacos bass, Laurie Bennett drums, Al Davey trumpet, Jeremy Borthwick trombone, Freya Franzen violin, Tim Hempton cello.

 Riff Raff 017  $25.00 including postage

 Tunes:- Castle Of Dreams, Kind To Me, How Can I Begin, Hear Me Lord, Gone To Another, Answer My Prayer, Please, Wash Away, Hero's, Petty People, My Generation, History, Sock It To me, After Everything, Sorry For Me, Listen To Me.


   Tom Baker's Swing Street with Lynn Wallis and Paul Furniss

  Recorded Live at the Regent Hotel.


    Riff Raff  020   $25 including postage  world wide.

  Tunes:-  Brand New Tie, Drop Me Off In Harlem, Just You Just Me, Twenty Four Robbers, Castle Of Dreams, I Saw Stars, Absolutely Positively, Hourigan Swing, Crazy Capers.

 Tom Baker's Swing Street Orchestra 'Swing That Music'

Tom Baker Saxes & Trumpet, Ian Date Guitar, Pat Wade Guitar, Pat Qua Piano, Don Heap Bass.

Riff Raff 023   $25 including postage world wide.

  Tunes:- Diga Diga Doo, Oriental Strut, My Old Man, Georgia Cabin, Minor Swing, Swing That Music, East Of The Sun, Running Wild, Lady Be Good, Out Of Nowhere.





 All original tunes written by Pat & Paul

Pat Powell vocal,

Gary Walford piano, Stan Valacos bass, Laurie Bennett drums, Paul Finnerty guitar.

     $25.00 Aust  including postage world wide. Riff Raff 022

                                                     Tunes:- Found Love, Something Happens, Couldn't See, Telephone, Between Two Worlds, Everybody Knows, By Myself, Come On Down, Don't Have To Be This Way, It's A Sin, Martin, Poverty, My Ring, Southern Cross.


           Collectors series

  This is ancient history, recorded at the Imperial Hotel in Melbourne Circa 1975.

  It was recorded by the pubs cook.

 Maurie Garbutt trumpet, Don Heap bass, Roger Janes trombone, Paul Finnerty guitar.

                                                             $25.00 Aust including postage world wide.

  Tunes:-  Bright Star, Mean To Me, When Your Hair Turns To Silver, I Don't Know Why, St Louis Blues, Laughing On The Outside, Your Nobody Till, Honky Tonk Town, Does Jesus Care, Once In A Lifetime, Panama.

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   This orchestra was created by Daniel Hardie with the intention of trying to recreate the sounds of the

    Bolden Era (1897 - 1907).

   Geoff Bull Cornet, John Bates Trombone, Paul Furniss clarinet, Daniel Weltlinger Violin,

   Stan Valacos Bass, Paul Finnerty Guitar, Anthony Howe Drums.

    Riff Raff 029   $25.00 Aust including postage world wide.

  Tunes:-  All The Whores, Any Rags, Big Fat Leg, Careless Love, Ida, Get Out Of Here, Funky Butt, Under The Bamboo Tree, Makin Runs, Mr Johnston, Ride On King Jesus, Moonwinks, Pallet On The Floor, If The Man In The Moon, Home Sweet Home.



       Rough live recording but a very rare one.

         Maurie Garbutt Tpt, Paul Williams Clt & Sax, Roger Janes Tbn, Lynn Wallis Dms,

          Paul Finnerty Guitar, Don Heap Bass.

         Tunes:- Burbone St, I Can't Begin, Every Where You Go, Fidgety Feet, Gigolo, My Gal Sal, Victory Bounce, Memories, Si Si, One More Chance, 5' 2", Pallet On The Floor, Prairie Moon, Silver Bells, Mamma Don't Allow.                   RR034




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  Paul Finnerty's   RRJBand featuring Pat Powell

   Pat sings 13 tunes written by Paul Finnerty, all done in a contemporary style.

   Features all the muso's above.


     GEOFF BULL's   Olympia Jazz Band 


   There isn't much recorded of Geoff's bands over the years and especially live recordings.

  This recording shows the raw energy given off by the band playing live.

          Tunes:- Old Spinning Wheel, Panama Rag, Melancholy Blues, Girl Of My Dreams, Chant Of The Tuxedoes,

    Nothing But Love, Fidgety Feet, A Closer Walk.





   Tom Baker Tpt, Paul Furniss Clt/Sax, Brett Lockyer Clt/Sax, Roger Janes Tbn, Lynn Wallis Dms, Pat Qua Pno, Paul Finnerty Bjo/Git, Don Heap Bs.

Tunes:- After Your Gone, All In Your Mind, All Of Me, Benny's Bugle, Bugle Boy, Treasure Island, Can't Get Started, Love Letters, Peuto Rico, Paper Doll, Right To Sing The Blues, Savoy Blues, Summer Time, Who's Sorry Now, Wood Choppers Ball.              RR037


      Geoff Bu'lls Olympia Jazz Band with Lee Gunness

          Live at the Southern Cross Club Canberra 1996

         Lee Gunness Vocals, Geoff Bull Trumpet, John McCarthy Clarinet, Hugh De Rosayro Trombone,

  Gary Walford Piano, Paul Finnerty Basnjo/Guitar, Bill Evans Bass, Peter Clohesy Drums.

                    RR 40




     Paul Finnerty's     JAZZ BEANZ

  This is Paul's 2012 CD of his original tunes, features 18 tunes done in all styles.

      Pat Powell Vocals, Paul Finnerty Guitar, Stan Valacos Bass, Gary Walford Key Board,

                                           Laurie Bennett Drums, Al Davey Trumpet, Dan Barnett Trombone.      RR41



        Pat Powell's  RRJBand         Click Here For More Information

                              MUSIC FROM THE LOUNGE

This is our 2013 CD all original tunes, this is very laid back music and easy to relax to, 14 tunes.

features:-  Pat Powell, Paul Finnerty, Laurie Bennett, Stan Valacos & Harry Sutherland.



          $27.00 including postage world wide


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